The New York Psycho 

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About The New York Psycho


"Psycho Films" by AKSM Film Studios is a student run non-profit Movie Parody Company based out of the Greater Philadelphia Area. The studio is 100% student run. The involved students have expertise in the following areas:

-Film Making



-Hair and Make-Up

-Visual Effects and more... 


The New York Psycho is the brainchild of teenage internet celebrities, a comedy friend group. Each parody features satire sketches, character impersonations, song & dance parodies of the big box office films such as Harry Potter and Batman along with popular TV shows and celebrities such as The Walking Dead and Paris Hilton! Their incredible costumes & makeup would impress even the most seasoned Saturday Night Live cast member! The New York Psycho continues to grow! A Family of Friends creating everything with just a few cameras! The look and style of The New York Psycho is constantly changing to keep up with the pop culture and newest franchise, but keeping the same mix of comedy, quirky performances, dead on impersonations, musical pastiche and movie spoofs.

Mostly recognized for their Harry Potter parody video, which has lead to tons of channel views on YouTube, the teens are celebrities in their own right… but you wouldn't know it from talking to them. Extremely humble and grateful to the fans for their success (even in the midst of non-stop travel and endless autograph signings), the group is a breath of fresh air in a fame-hungry world. 

The program gives the students an inside look at what it takes to run a Movie or Television Company in the real life. It also prepares them for a College Major or Job Opportunity in the entertainment business. The students all help Act, Film, and Produce the feature film. All ending in a Premiere Event, to give them the taste of what a real film premiere is like, and a chance for a pat on the back. Some students might not be interested in film-making, but after they join the team, they love it!!

Parodies are nothing new to movie fans, and Harry Potter is no exception. YouTube alone is littered with parodies of the Wizarding flick, but The New York Psycho is something special. The incredible costumes and make-up alone hint at a Hollywood-sized budget, not to mention the fantastic cinematography and editing, so it comes as a shock to many to discover that the entire show is written, directed, edited, and produced by the teens themselves. Funded entirely by the kids’ personal incomes and done on only a few cameras, one can only imagine what The New York Psycho could become with a full production studio at their fingertips!!...


The New York Psycho started when a group of friends met in New York City, on Saturday, April 6th, 2013, as a part of a trip to see two Broadway shows. A young film student was making a Documentary about their journeys in New York. While waiting in the Queue for Peter and the Starcatcher the friends were making jokes. One of the jokes was caught on camera. As part of an inside joke one friend decided to edit the video and put it up on YouTube. The video was a hit with the group and their friends and family. In May of 2013 the group decided to start making other videos about the Psycho. They got some more friends together and started Pre-Production for Harry Potter and the New York Psycho. The video was to be a parody off of the hit Movie Franchise. The group was getting their inspiration from The Hillywood Show®. The group was operating under the name; AKSM Film Studios. But by the end of June after the film was finished with filming they decided to create the name "Psycho Films" by AKSM Film Studios. The logo of Psycho Films is an Eye. The Eye is a story itself. The eye came about during the first film, when the camera zoomed in on Charlotte's eye. Later it became the signature of the Psycho and gave a look of evilness about her.


The New York Psycho is non funded. The Group take out of the income from their own personal jobs. Though, through kind donations from bake-sales, premieres, and fans just like you The New York Psycho has been able to reach new heights that the group had never thought possible. They are very thankful to the fans! Thank you for considering to donate! If you choose to, know that you’re making such a difference in The New York Psycho for the group!!

"The Cho Cam: (Harry Potter and the New York Psycho Behind the Scenes Cast Filmed Video):"



Charlotte Duffie-Fritz (Creator) (Actress: Charlotte Dillon aka "The New York Psycho"):

Andrew McKeough (Creator) (Actor: Harry Potter, Alfred Pennyworth):

Andrew McKeough has a vast knowledge in the Music, Film and Theater Departments. He is a three-time Cappie Nominee and is a Performer for the American Music Abroad Bronze Tour (2012 & 2014). He is close with Classical-Crossover Singer Jackie Evancho. Andrew has performed at different venues across the Americas and throughout Europe. He has also performed for many world leaders and politicians. Andrew has also been in many films and television shows. He has worked alongside some of the greatest performers on Broadway, like Sutton Foster in the show Anything Goes. He has also worked with the casts' from different shows, like Marry Poppins, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and more! His vocal, theatre, and dance coach is Mrs. Jennie Eisenhower. He is known for his work with AKSM Film Studios and Psycho Films.

David Nice (Actor: Ron Weasley, Batman):

Laura Susanne Stockler (Actress: Narcissa Malfoy, Catwoman):

Melanie Dernoga (Actress: Cho Chang, Vicki Vale):

Sarah McAlaine (Actress: Hermione Granger) (RETIRED):

Rose Kantorczyk (Actress: Bellatrix Lestrange, Batgirl):

Samantha Hoppe (Actress: Ginny Weasley, Rachel Dawes):

Samantha Hoppe is a teen actress, dancer, and jewelry designer, from Pennsylvania. Originally from Germany, Samantha got her start in acting and dancing at a very young age; performing in school shows, and concerts. She than began to act in a local theatre's seasonal productions. During her freshman year in high school, in 2013, she took a theatre class, and was casted as Ginny Wesley in "Harry Potter and the New York Psycho"; she would be acting along with co-stars Charlotte Duffie-Fritz and Andrew McKeough. In September of 2013 it was announced that she would become a full time cast member with Psycho Films (by AKSM Film Studios) in their series "The New York Psycho". Then in April of 2014 Samantha's handmade jewelry designs went on tour. Samantha designs all of her own jewelry then produces it. Samantha Hoppe is known for her work on "The New York Psycho."

Noah Berkowitz (Actor: Lord Voldemort, The Joker):


Benjamin Thorn (Actor: Commissioner James Gordon):

Carly Massino (Actress: TBA):

Christina Lefebvre (Actress: Poison Ivy):

Dovile Drozdovas (Actress: TBA):

Emily Grace Poll (Actress: TBA):

Grace C. Carroll (Actress: TBA):

Miranda Miller (Actress: Talia Al'Ghul) (RETIRED):

Talen Lee Draper (Actor: TBA):

Johnua Davis (Actor: TBA):

Robert Williams (Actor: TBA):

Drew Mattern (Actor: Dr. Johnathan Crane aka "Scarecrow"):


Nicholas Marcil (Actor: The Best Friend as Himself):

Daniel Holtzer (Actor: The Brother aka "The First Victim" as Himself):

Michael Bascome (Actor: Apollo Dawes):

Charlie Bascome (Actor: Christopher Dawes):


Frankie Milano (Assistant Director, Director of Photography, Editor) (Actor: Bane):

Katie Weaver (Hair and Make-Up Designer and Chief Make-Up Artist) (GRADUATED):

Jacob Borislow (Boom Operator, Assistant Cameraman) (Actor: Harvey Dent aka "Two-Face"):

Sammy Murphy (Assistant Boom Operator, Assistant Camerawoman):

Jason Swift (Studio Producer) (GRADUATED):

Joe Rea (Sound):